Sign up for the new 12 DROPS payment method!

What is 12 Drops?

·  Each month you pay the same and at the end of 12 months we settle up.

·  We propose a monthly instalment based on your billing history.

·  We will read your meter with the same frequency as now.

·  You will receive your bills with information on your consumption and the real expense, just like now.

·  Apply for 12 Drops at any time free of charge.

·  Go back to your usual payment method whenever you want.

What advantages does it have?

·  Better planning of expenses: monthly payment without surprises.

·  You choose on which day of the month you want to make your monthly payment.

·  Payment in instalments: if you consume 40% more than what we foresaw, you can pay the difference in three months at no extra cost.

·  Monitor your 12 Drops Plan in the Online Office: instalments paid, bills issued, annual adjustment, cancel your plan…

Sign up in the Online Office and activate your 12 Drops quickly and easily.

Check here the municipalities in which this payment method is no available.